The Journey

Chronicler was built around the idea that games can do more than just tell a story - that they can be a vehicle for personal growth, and that the stories are a genuine collaboration between players and developers.

We’re creating truly high-quality games based on the guidelines that the right tools and people can move fast and create detailed worlds. Chronicler is currently building an AA 3D action adventure title with Dynamic Storytelling technology.

The Creators

Combined over 75 years of product expertise with history of delivering engaging and compelling stories ...

... alongside 10+ contingent hires with a pedigree of award-winning AAA and AA games post-seed.

Chronicler’s Rules for Ethical AI Usage in Video Games

We wrote our own machine-learning tech at Chronicler in-house, so we'd say that makes us experts enough on AI to weigh in on what we believe is ethical usage of machine-learning and generative AI in gaming.

  1. No system should be used that would circumvent human morality. This means that for systems which cannot be human-moderated by design, systems which breach Asimov's three laws of robotics, and systems which break international treaties or laws are inherently immoral.
  2. All AI systems must respect the legal standing of their training and input data. Using copyrighted or commercial material without a license where specific verbiage grants usage in training data, derivative, or generative systems, is theft and a copyright violation.
  3. Use of AI in a game system without informing participants is a breach of trust. Notice must be given not only in the software license or terms of service, but also in the game start settings (difficulty or other highly visible and accessible prompt).
  4. Consent must be given for use of input and training data outside of the explicitly advertised usage in a singular product, including sharing that data with third-parties. Using user or other data in another system or game is strictly prohibited without prior user consent.